Blog Post: 008

Lately I’ve been feeling like a Wi-Fi nomad. Wondering from hotspot to hotspot in search of a good connection. Luckily in Fremont I’ve found three locations that get the job done. My preferred locations are Fremont Coffee, The Fremont Public Library, and Starbucks. Each location has it’s pros and cons. I have a criteria that needs to be met based off internet speed, convenience, powerstrip access, and noise. One location might have the fastest Wi-Fi speed but extremely loud and full of powerstrip poachers… This simply will not do.

The first location I stumbled across a couple weeks ago was Fremont Coffee. A quant, hipster filled coffee shop with the alternative vibe that you would expect in Fremont. What earns Fremont Coffee positive points is the vibe, plenty of power strips, decent internet speed, and multiple sitting corridors to escape the madness that can be a coffee shop during the morning commute. The negative points fall within noise and the judgmental stares if you over stay your welcome. For the reader I want to be clear, I always make a purchase to support the vendor in my quest for the Wi-Fi holy grail. However, I will admit that I’ve also sat in the same spot hours on end probably overstaying the welcome that a cappuccino and chocolate croissant will buy you. Overall, I would rate Fremont Coffee 4 out of 5 stars.

The Fremont Public Library has become a very useful resource as I hunt for employment and continue my Wi-Fi trek. With quite surroundings, large study tables, and a printer I’ve been super thankful for the location. However, slow Wi-Fi and lack of power strips can get old real quick. Not to mention the crazy that comes with a public space… old men hitting on librarians, people expressing political views to anyone not nose deep in a book, and the occasional cop visit that makes certain individuals bolt out the back door. In my rating system the Fremont Public library earns 3 out of 5 stars.

With the fastest Wi-Fi in the group I’ve spent most of my time at Starbucks thanks to the google fiber connection. With two levels the Fremont Starbucks seems to be everyone’s choice to meet clients, study for class, or game between commutes. You know what to expect from Starbucks but it’s exactly that expectation that makes me want to find a fourth spot along my Wi-Fi journey. Starbucks is by far the loudest stop in my list with the most commotion, uncomfortable seats, and powerstrip hungry poachers. If it wasn’t for the internet the score would be much much lower. Connection speed and a convenient location earns Starbucks 3.5 out 5 stars.


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