Blog Post: 007

Over the weekend Megan and I had our first real opportunity to explore the city. Thanks to our friends Erica and James we scored tickets to the Sounders vs. Whitecaps game.

Over the years I have become a real fan of the MLS. From road trips to Denver for the Rocky Mountain Cup to season tickets and tailgating for Real Salt Lake. The majority of my post college friends have been made up of die hard Real fans that I met in a dirt parking lot. Real Salt Lake and the Sounders have a blistered history of close games and one of the leagues best rivalries. So you could imagine that Saturday’s game felt like stepping into enemy territory. The game was a blast and there is no doubt that Seattle has some of the biggest supporters in the Nation. I mean just look at that tifo!

Key take ways from the game:

  1. It doesn’t suck having one of the nicest NFL stadiums as your home pitch.
  2. Location of the stadium is key for acquiring new supporters.
  3. David Ousted really has something against streamers and lets the game get into his head
  4. Sounders fans actually understand the sport and don’t look like a bunch of Zoobies… yes zoobie… look it up.

The rest of the day we spent wondering Pikes Place and diving into breweries. Overall it was a solid weekend.

#weekendwarrior #seattlesoundersfc #timelapse


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