Blog Post: 008

Lately I’ve been feeling like a Wi-Fi nomad. Wondering from hotspot to hotspot in search of a good connection. Luckily in Fremont I’ve found three locations that get the job done. My preferred locations are Fremont Coffee, The Fremont Public Library, and Starbucks. Each location has it’s pros and cons. I have a criteria that needs to be met based off internet speed, convenience, powerstrip access, and noise. One location might have the fastest Wi-Fi speed but extremely loud and full of powerstrip poachers… This simply will not do. … More Blog Post: 008

Blog Post: 007

Over the weekend Megan and I had our first real opportunity to explore the city. Thanks to our friends Erica and James we scored tickets to the Sounders vs. Whitecaps game. Over the years I have become a real fan of the MLS. From road trips to Denver for the Rocky Mountain Cup to season … More Blog Post: 007

Blog Post: 006

With moments of frustration come moments of absolute clarity. It’s the rough spots that define us and make the smooth times so sweet. Like an oasis in the city Gas Works park has become “My spot.” ​​ #gasworkspark #timelapse

Blog Post: 005

Fall is in the air but the sun still wants to hangout. We’re looking at 72 and sunny all week. Hopefully this is a good sign of things to come. With an interview scheduled this week I’ll take the blue sky as a positive omen. #bremertontoseattleferry #timelapse

Blog Post: 004

It’s Friday and the sun is out. More importantly the mountains are out… I guess that’s a Seattle term. Friends and family have asked what I miss most about Utah. Quick answer the mountains. With winter around the corner I need to scratch this itch with a visit to Crystal Mountain. ​​ #fremont #timelapse

Blog Post: 003

Riding the ferry was always a highlight as kid when my family visited my grandfather on Bainbridge Island.The cool mist, endless fog, and countless jelly fish always blew my mind. So when Megan and I decided to move to Port Orchard with the in-laws and commute to Seattle via the Bremerton Ferry I was stoked. Last night reality gave us a quick kick to the nuts. We missed our 6:45 ferry due to traffic in South Lake Union. We didn’t make it home until 9:30. … More Blog Post: 003